Welcome to the Sound More Native English (SOMONA) Pronunciation Course. 

SOMONA has been carefully designed to help you effectively improve your pronunciation and listening skills in a natural way.  We believe language study should enjoyable. That is why we made SOMONA easy and fun.

Through 20 years of experience and research we have developed a program that allows you to naturally and easily improve your pronunciation and listening skills.

SOMONA’s 14 lessons cover the following:

individual sounds
phrases and sentences
reduced sounds

Each lesson is full of practice activities that will help you improve your English pronunciation.  Even though every lesson is packed with things to do, you control the pace.  You can study very hard or take it slow and easy. It’s all up to you.

Somona is for anybody who wants to sound more native.  Any age, any job, men, woman, high school kids, retirees, house wives, office workers, artists, musicians, singers, doctors, nurses, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, animal trainers, circus clowns, travelers, adventurers, dreamers, challengers, students, part-timers, grandfathers, grandmothers…….We really do mean anybody.

If you want to improve your pronunciation then SOMONA is for you.